40 Days of Prayers

What We Do

We are a fundraising project for families and Torah-learning in Jerusalem. In gratitude for your donation, we pray 40 days for Sandu Mendreayou at the Kotel (Western Wall). There is a famous Segula (Torah mystical recipe) that a person who goes to the Western Wall for 40 consecutive days to pray for 1 request, will have that request answered. For generations, Jews in Jerusalem have traditionally made this pilgrimage to the Kotel to pray for marriage, healing, children, income and many other heartfelt requests. There is also a long-standing tradition of donating to have a pious Jew pray in your place, since not everyone is able to make such a journey.

Located in the heart of the Jewish quarter, and run by a Yeshiva family, Western Wall Prayers enables you to have access to this powerful 40-day Segula through donating to have a righteous individual (one of our Rabbis, Torah scholars or Kollel wives) pray 40 days at the Kotel on your behalf. Amongst other reasons, 40 is the number of days that Moses prayed on Mt. Sinai before he successfully attained forgiveness for the Jewish people after the sin of the Golden Calf.

Whether you are in need of a marriage partner, health, children, business success or other, you too could join the countless of other people who have had their prayers answered through this Segula.

Prayer Types

Dini Mendrea

40 day prayers can also be said at the tomb of King David on Mt. Zion and at the tomb of the Holy Kabbalist, the Arizal, in Safed (Minimum donation: $540).


  • Standard Prayers:
    A Torah-observant Jew will go to the Western Wall to pray on your behalf as well as others for 40 consecutive days.  Minimum donation: approx. $2/day ($90 tax-deductible).

  • Exclusive Prayers:
    A righteous individual will go to the Western Wall to pray exclusively on your behalf for 40 consecutive days.  The entire Bircas HaTorah Yeshiva will say a psalm for you and we'll have Rabbi Nebensahl*, former Chief Rabbi of the Old City and one of the great Tzaddikim of our time, do a Mesheberach for you (special prayer in front of a congregation).  Minimum donation: $9/day ($360 tax-deductible).

  • Personalized Exclusive Prayers:    
    In addition to an exclusive prayer, over the course of the 40 days, the Book of Psalms (sefer tehillim), or King Solomon's Song of Songs (Shir ha Shirim) will be recited at the Wall, a Mesheberach prayer will be recited in Synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem on Shabbat and a Mishna (portion of the Oral Law) will be learned daily in your merit. We'll also have Rabbi Nebensahl, former Chief Rabbi of the Old City and one of the great Tzaddikim of our time do a Mesheberach for you. Minimum donation: $18/day ($720 tax-deductible).

  • Premier Prayers:
    With special permission from the Vaad HaRabbonim (Council of Rabbis in Israel), a minyan (10 Torah-observant men) will pray together for 40 days at the holiest place where Jews are allowed to go - deep in the Western Wall tunnels across from the Holy of Holies. This excludes Shabbat, when they will pray at the Western Wall itself. Due to its holiness, this site is not available for public prayer at all times. Minimum donation: $1,800 tax-deductible.

  • Choice Prayers:
    In addition to the Premier Prayers, a righteous individual will recite the entire Sefer Tehilim (Book of Psalms) every single day for 40 days (7,000 psalms total), the entire Bircas HaTorah yeshiva, near the Kotel, will say psalms as a congregation, a communal Mesheberach prayer will be recited in Synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem on Shabbat and we'll have Rav Nebensahl, the holy tzadik and former Chief Rabbi of the Old City, do a personal Mesheberach for you. Minimum donation: $3,600 tax-deductible.


The prayer is a 3-part praise, request and thank you, together with psalm, which we will send you upon sign-up.  Your shaliach (proxy) will act as your agent, as if you were standing at the Western Wall in person. Your Prayer Agent will go to the actual site of the Wall, and not just have it in eyesight. Your donation will help to support families and individuals involved in Torah learning in Jerusalem, as well as the Torah institutions for whom they learn.  A small part of your donation will also be given to charity at the Western Wall before each prayer (excluding Shabbat and Holidays, when the Torah forbids Jews to carry money).

To request a 40-day prayer for you or a loved one, click here.

* Rabbi Nebensahl does not receive any of the donation.

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