How It Works


Request Prayer

Pick a prayer option – from Classic Prayers to an entire Sefer Tehillim (Book of Psalms). Tell us for whom and for what you want prayer – everything is strictly confidential!


Prayer Composed

We personally compose your prayer, based on the information you provide us, and according to tradition and the advice of Rabbanim about how to bring down the most blessing.


Prayer Agent

We hand-pick your prayer agent from the pious scholars of Jerusalem. We tell them about your circumstances, while keeping your identity confidential.

Your 40 Days

Your 40 days are a very powerful time. You can choose to receive daily inspirational prayer reminders from us and we will suggest mitzvot (good deeds) for you to strengthen your prayers.



During and after your 40 days, our caring support team (Shira and Batya) will lend an e-ear, and offer advice and support to help bring you closer to where you want to go.


What We Do

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity supporting Torah-learning and Torah scholars in Jerusalem.  We help people around the world to get their prayers answered through using the generations-old practice of sending a pious scholar to pray at the Western Wall (Kotel), Judaism’s holiest site, for 40 consecutive days.

The “40-days” is a powerful Jewish spiritual technique (segula) practiced for hundreds of years. The concept originated in Moshe Rabbeinu’s (Moses’) prayers on Mt. Sinai for 40 consecutive days, and the formal segula is attributed to Dayan Fischer zt”l.

Our trustworthy agents commit to make this daily journey to the Wall for you despite the searing sun, pouring rain, bitter cold or uncomfortable conditions. They will also give charity on your behalf before the prayers (excluding Shabbat and holidays) and cannot miss a day.

How We Began


The idea for Western Wall Prayers originally came from Gershon Burd – an insurance agent who left his Chicago home to pursue full-time Torah studies at the Center Program at Ohr Somayach Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He later moved his learning to Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah in the Old City where he eventually became its Executive Director.

After 5 years of unsuccessfully dating over 50 women – Gershon decided to do something BIG. He decided to do the 40-day Kotel segula by staying 40-days in a row in the Old City of Jerusalem – remembering to go to the Wall every day before sunset and pray for just 1 thing – that he marry his soul mate. 2 weeks after it was over, he met his wife Batya – a former lawyer who moved from her hometown of Toronto to Israel to study at the Neve Yerushalayim and Eyaht seminaries. The two started to tell their single friends to fly in and pray 40 days at the Wall just like them.

When realizing just how impractical this was for most people, they decided to do the 40-days on their behalf.

Looking around at their Torah-learning neighbors, they couldn’t help but be impressed by their piety and ability to live with only meager financial means for the sake of spiritual pursuits. They decided to make another “match made in heaven” – between the pious Jews of Jerusalem and the world at large looking for help from Above – was born!

10 years later, Gershon tragically passed away in a swimming accident on his 40th birthday. After his death, stories began emerging of the many hidden acts of charity he had performed and the Jewish world whispered that a hidden tzaddik had been found. A book entitled: The Secret Life of Gershon Burd was published to reveal his greatness.

Now, Batya continues his legacy by giving classes on Emunah (faith in G-d), resilience, and advancing his amazing prayer project – joining Torah, Prayer and Charity at the Wall to help people realize their dreams.

In addition to working to get your prayers answered, Western Wall Prayers sends your donations to Kollel Tefilat Moshe, not-for-profit, Vaad HaRabbonim, not-for-profit and other charities supporting Torah-learning in Jerusalem and Jerusalem families.  So not only may you get what you need, but you also help others and get a tax-deductible receipt for it!

*If you are Jewish, we’d appreciate you not surfing this website on the Sabbath.