This feature is dedicated in the merit of Gershon Burd zt”l to honor and perpetuate his legacy of secret chesed.


All of us want to be spiritually great in some way. The story of our founder, Gershon zt”l touched people all over the globe, partly because of his tragic and untimely passing, but also largely because of the knowledge that a person exists in the world who wants to help people, solely to help people, and not for any side benefit like respect, status or validation.

The purity of doing something good, only for its sake and for G-d is an incredibly lofty level which we all see is possible now.

Gershon was not an old man with a white beard from a long Rabbinical dynasty. He grew up not religious and played high school football. One day he made a decision to explore Judaism, and the next day to devote his life to it and the next day to work as hard as he could to reach his spiritual potential.

If he did it, we can also do it. Here is one way to get a similar share in the next world:

Donate anonymously to enable someone else to have a 40-day prayer said for them. Through it you get the mitzva of Torah, Prayer and Charity all at once and the purity of not getting any credit for it in this world, so the entire mitzva is saved whole for you in the next.

May Hashem reward your efforts of kindness and give you a life of blessing, bounty, and goodness.

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