So this is it. The end of the year.
Doesn’t feel like it yet, right? Here we are busy enjoying summer. Fruits, swimming, sun. But it’s true, Elul is just a few weeks away. Have you thought about how you are going to best use your Elul? Where you are going to invest your spiritual efforts? (What do you mean, you say, you are just trying to figure out lunch these days…).

Let’s get serious for just a second.

In just over 60 days the world will start anew on Rosh Hashanah.

That means Hashem will decide:

a) how much money you make for the whole year
b) how healthy you and your family will be this next year
c) every single thing that will happen to you, your loved ones, and the world.

Ok, now that I hope I’ve sufficiently scared you enough to consider doing something spiritually tangible to get yourself to the spiritual start-line while you can. Concentrate for a second on what you want. You CAN have it please G-d. Life CAN be better. You just have to believe it. The rest is commentary.

We are here to help you get there. Imagine getting the merit of a holy Jew learning Torah every day in Jerusalem, giving charity for you at the Kotel and praying every single day for you at the Kotel through Elul and even on Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur to get you closer to your goals.

I have done this 40-day Elul journey many times and it is truly incredible. You feel the heavens transforming. Unfortunately these days I find it too hard to do it myself so I try to send my kids or a shaliach for this time. It builds my year. What can I say, you and I are in a similar position!

You don’t know what Elul will bring, you don’t know what goals you will or will not accomplish when things get busy (I hope you will though) but if you sign up right now, at least you know that you have something very big in your pocket daily, in Elul and R’H, no matter how busy you get.

It’s worth it!!

Daven for me for the 40 days from Rosh Chodesh Elul through Yom Kippur!

With love and blessings from Jerusalem,


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