This picture was taken at 11:00pm at the Kotel on Erev Yom Kippur. It was standing room only. The policeman actually told me I had to get up from the side of the stairs; I wasn’t allowed to sit there because it would cause a traffic jam eventually. It’s apparently become the “in” thing in Israel to come to the Kotel for the Selichos (special penitential prayers) that take place during the 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. It’s unbelievable. It looked like people were actually throwing on a scarf and a skirt and coming straight from the beach in Tel Aviv to come to the Kotel. It was awe-inspiring that people from all faiths – every Tom, Dudu and Dovid was there. It’s an amazing pull that the Kotel has and it’s getting stronger and stronger.

I’ve noticed that people are in exceptionally good moods around Israel. People are very helpful, very kind. Everyone has been giving brachot (blessings) to each other – religious or not-religious. We’re all really one big family. Am Yisroel is one. When we hurt each other we’re really hurting ourselves; we’re one body. You hit another person, you’re really hitting yourself – spiritually.
I think people are feeling this a little bit more and more, and they’re feeling the pull of the light of the Kotel. It’s our source.

You can see in this one picture. 2birdsI don’t know if it’s close enough, but there are two white birds nestled into the crevices of one of the rocks of the Kotel – one looking left, the other looking right. It almost reminds me of the two cherubim that were on top of the Ark. They’re there every night – just like that; they don’t move. It gives me comfort to see them.

Wherever you are, you should have a Gmar Tov. You should be signed and sealed for a good and healthy new year and we all should feel the pleasure and the light emanating from this amazing place. We’re there with you whenever you need.

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