There are differences of opinion in the Nation of Israel as to whether a Jew believes in, or should spend their time doing, Segulas. Although the popular identification with the word Segula is that which is mystical and not grounded in Torah sources (like taking certain herbal drops as a Segula to improve one’s income), Segula actually means that which brings about a particular consequence. For instance, giving your children yummy treats is a Segula for having them like you. Being nice to your spouse is a Segula for having peace in the home. So, whether you fall into the category of those following mystical Segulas or not, this Segula in particular involves the fundamental Torah concepts of a) praying at the Wall b) giving charity at the Wall c) supporting families in Jerusalem and d) supporting Torah-learning and institutions in Jerusalem. So, you can feel comfortable that no matter what your particular Rabbi says about mystical Segulas, there is nothing inherently problematic with this one.