Avreichim Travel to Rebbe Nachman’s Tomb in Uman for You

zohar1On September 29th, Erev Rosh Hashanah, Torah Scholars from Kiryat Sefer (from the Bircas Hanachal and Beit Aharon kollelim) will be journeying to Uman, Ukraine to pray at the Holy Rebbi Nachman of Breslov’s kever (tomb). They will not just daven (pray) for others there, but will say the entire Tikun Haklali (10 specific psalms said in a specific order) at his tomb, exclusively for your prayer request. This means that first your prayer request will be said, and then the entire Tikun Haklali. Then, they will say another prayer request, and again, the entire Tikun Haklali so that each individual prayer request gets the full attention it deserves to merit a good and sweet new year.

This tradition is sourced in the Sichot Haran, Siman 141, where Rabbi Nachman selected 2 witnesses, Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Naftali, to hear what he said – that anyone who comes to his tomb, gives tzedaka and says the tikun, Rabbi Nachman will make sure to take him out of Gehenom, as long as he doesn’t continue with his negative behavior.

Also, in the Yemei Moharan, at the end of the book, it says that before Rabbi Nachman’s passing, the Rav said that on erev Rosh Hashanah he can bring tikunim that he can’t during the rest of the year.

A modest $36 donation is requested in return, in order to help cover the costs of the trip to the Ukraine.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to influence your upcoming year!

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