Dear Friends,

We miss you and would love to hear what is happening in your life!

Rabbi Shimon Green, former Rosh Yeshiva of Bircas HaTorah yeshiva and current Rabbi of Kehillas HaTurim in Phoenix, Arizona says that to the extent that people do mitzvot together, their connection will endure in Olam Haba. So since you and I have done the mitzva of prayer, charity and supporting Torah in Jerusalem together, we will connect through those mitzvot in the next world. 🙂 How exciting!

A friend was asked the other day how she was doing. She answered “when I focus on all the bracha I have in my life, I’m doing great; when I focus on all that’s wrong and missing in my life, I’m terrible”.

Isn’t that so true?

The next day I woke up and thanked Hashem for everything that I normally take for granted in my life – the bracha of getting to see the land of Eretz Yisroel every day, my clothing, my health, my ability to make lunch. I felt so good after that, I decided to continue it the next day, and the next. What an amazingly happy few days. It changed my energy level, my relationships, my children’s attitude and more. The most expensive piece of real estate that we own is our mind. It can bring us happiness or pain at any moment. Some things we can’t control, but perspective and focus – we can definitely influence. Try it yourself!

I’ve realized that some people in the world close down a bit when it comes to prayer. Perhaps there was something in their life that they prayed hard for and didn’t receive. Then they felt so disappointed that they didn’t want to be that vulnerable again and feel let down. So they prefer to just accept their difficult life challenges rather than to put all of their effort into prayer and potentially change it. I truly feel so sorry for these people. Because so much potential yeshua is available for them but they are too scared to try again and go for it (although I understand that it can be hard).

I have always been a person that doesn’t take no for an answer. Instead I just keep standing in front of the person who originally says no, until they have no choice but to keep talking and switch their answer to yes. I guess I feel that way about Hashem. Just keep standing there and trying something else and then something else and if that doesn’t work, try the next thing until Hashem says yes.

Success of all kinds, including spiritual, is often just a question of will and endurance (of course I am talking about things that we can control, not things that we can’t, which only Hashem ultimately decides). But we shouldn’t decide to stop our chances at a bracha in life!! We should keep trying as long as our heart is still beating and Hashem allows. That’s life.

These days, anytime I get an answer I don’t like, I send a shliach to the Kotel for 40 days to get a new answer 🙂 I am just no longer able to make the 40-day trek myself although I wish I could. Of course I do my own davening as well and then some…

People don’t decide what doors are open or closed to us. Hashem decides and He can be swayed. So let’s use our power of good to sway Him!!

In 4 weeks begins the incredible 40 days period starting from Purim (the greatest day of the year for prayer) through Pesach. Imagine supporting Torah, Tefila and Tzedaka for these days at the Kotel in the merit of getting a yes answer to your life challenges. During Purim, we realize that all the challenges and darkness in our lives and in the world are really just one elaborate plan to reveal greater light, and during Pesach, we come to realize the incredible awesomeness of Hashem’s power and His ability to grant us a yeshua. Isn’t this perfect timing to declare that Hashem is capable of getting us out of our own life challenges and darkness and to trust that He will? This energy will come down to the world in just 3 weeks…

Best case, Hashem will answer yes – now.

Worst case, you get the incredible mitzva of supporting talmidei chachamim in Jerusalem – the quintessential mitzva of tzedaka and ma’aser and then KEEP DAVENING!

With brachot that all your yeshuas are just a day (or 40) away 🙂


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