Is anyone just sick of the state of the world? That evil can still be allowed to exist and prosper in this day and age?
Anyone fully ready to just say to Hashem “it’s time! It’s time to bring world peace. It’s time to bring the revelation of Your truth and goodness to everyone”?

If you are, you are NOT ALONE!!

This is a good thing, because there is a principle in Torah that a person is led in the way that they want to go….
And if there are enough of us crying out, it just might happen sooner than you think!! Especially in light of what is happening with the rockets down south here and the horror in Poway and so many other places…

We need prayer and teshuva now more than ever!

On the bright side however, there are so many people out there working hard to contribute to the klal spiritually. Whether it be self-sacrificing to learn Torah, or going out of their way to bring happiness, comfort, and healing to their fellow Jews. I am constantly amazed at how much we do to help each other, physically, emotionally and financially. Keep it up. Keep working on pushing yourself just that little inch more to make way for another and their needs. We will get there together 🙂

These days of counting the Omer and learning Pirkei Avot are meant for working on our middot. Just as Torah can be the elixir of life, it can also be the elixir of death. It all depends on our ability to see it properly and interpret it properly and for that we need good middot. Derech Eretz kodma l’Torah. So during this time we try hard to be more selfless, more aware of others and their needs, more in tune with G-d and the true state of our beings. It is ok to be honest with ourselves and where we are holding, to love and accept ourselves for who we are, but at the same time to know that we are valuable enough and worthy enough to grow closer to true One-ness every day. We can, we should, and we will succeed! We will also likely fall, but that is just part of the journey. And like a loving parent is proud of a child just for trying, so too we are proud of ourselves for our good will, for our efforts, and love ourselves and accept ourselves unconditionally even when we fall short.

And as we count the Omer to higher and higher numbers and levels, we get to a high on the 33rd day (Lag B’Omer). Just around the corner a couple of hours away on Mt. Meron, is buried that master of Kabbalah – Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. This is his yahrzheit and on it, hundreds of thousands of people from Israel and abroad come to his tomb to beg him to intercede with G-d on their behalf for everything.

On his deathbed, Rebbe Shimon revealed much of the hidden light of the Torah and promised his talmidim that he would pray for those who visit his tomb on his yarzheit. So we run there for help!

Of course, we can share the wealth with you and pray for you there. Tell us whether to say a personal prayer for you and psalm, or the specific long prayer written at the tzaddik’s tomb for your prayer request. We are here for you 🙂

A donation of $18 or $36 respectively is requested. And just through donating, you too are supporting self-sacrifice for Torah in Jerusalem and giving to the needs of the klal. You too share the wealth of Torah like the tribe of Zevulun does with Yissachar.

We hope that wherever you are during Lag B’Omer, you will merit to feel the great light that emanates there, and we pray that the world will merit it as well, and that great long day of peace, very soon!

(You can choose which type of prayer you would like under “Prayer Options”.)

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