I’m happy to be writing you from a relatively quiet Old City today. Every day that I see this city becoming more and more built up with Torah and Jews serving Hashem, I become more grateful to be a part of it. And of course, I really appreciate enabling you to be a part of its building, through getting prayers at the Kotel and providing the Torah community with jobs that help them continue to learn here, and you to thrive abroad. In the ancient spirit of Zevulun and Yissachar (where one working tribe supported the other learning tribe and both shared in its merits in the next world) we continue this partnership in a more creative modern way.

Rav Sonnenfeld zt”l, the great Torah sage of yester-year said that every Jew in the Diaspora will be accountable for what they did to build up Eretz Yisroel. You and I can do our part here. :-)

Right now we are trying hard to enjoy the spirit of Adar amidst the plethora of shiva calls and prayers for healing for so many. A particularly amazing quality of Am Yisroel is the ability to live, build and laugh, while also crying, empathizing and feeling pain for ourselves and for others. Have you ever gone to a wedding right after a funeral? Sad for the deceased and the family but then have to put your face together to be happy for the chatan and kallah? That’s a Jew and that’s something to celebrate.

That’s life!  Happiness and pain. That also makes a great drama.Can you imagine going to a performance that was just …….fine? Hum drum. Nothing bad or problematic happens. No crescendo. No suspense.

You would wonder – no struggle? No tears? Some show! No thanks.

G-d is the ultimate Director.

Action. Suspense. Terror. Excitement. Good. Bad.

And, the best part is that we are ALL the leading characters. Fighting evil within ourselves and outside to come out of it our best. And, when we succeed, we transform all that is around us.

Purim is just around the corner. The masks we wear are there to help us remember that we are just playing a character in this drama called Life. Don’t take what happens so seriously!! It’s just a test. It’s just the scenery.

Do your job. Be kind. Give the benefit of the doubt – to others and to G-d. Do what the Torah says. And let go…. The rest is not up to you. It’s up to the Director. Trust Him. He knows what He is doing…

We are here to daven for you at the Kotel for the very powerful 40 days from the Fast of Esther through Pesach to help with whatever you need.

This is also your chance to do your part in building the Torah community of Eretz Yisroel and specifically Jerusalem.

Pray for Me!

These people got their prayers answered! Help others! Share this video!

With blessings and gratitude,


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