I just wanted to share with you some incredible energy we experienced from across the globe. The other night I got a call to help run and speak for a Geula gathering of women happening at Aish Hatorah – just across from the Kotel. Apparently the organizers only had 450 seats in their room gathering and 100s more were expected to come. So we had about 30 hours to pull together a program for the overflow. What an amazing and pressured high it was! The experience of achdus, connection, simcha, and yearning for the Geula was palpable in our hearts and souls.

What is a Geula gathering you ask? If you haven’t heard, there was a spontaneous call to action around the world for women to gather in their communities, sing songs, say tehillim, and yearn for the Geula on the night of Feb 26. It was a grassroots, organic project inspired by a Rivka Malka Perlman video, by women who wanted to do something tangible together to say to Hashem, “we are ready and waiting for You”.

In our room, a most memorable moment was when we sat on the floor in a circle, lights dimmed, eyes closed, soft guitar music playing, being led in a visual meditation meeting the Imahos – Sarah Imeinu, Rachel Imeinu and the prophetess Miriam. We experienced them gifting us energy of the life lessons they learned and received their prayers and blessings to be successful in our own life missions of being the final women to lead in the coming of the Mashiach – with our thoughts, words and actions. All this within view of Har Hazeitim, the very place that will split open when Moshiach comes, and the Temple Mount, where G-d-consciousness will be openly revealed, experienced and spread to the entire world very soon, please G-d.

Do we have any idea how important we all are? How pivotal this time is in history? How close we really are to having the prayers fulfilled of the greats before us who would have given their left arm to have our front row seats to history in the making?

The 40 days of prayer through Purim and the 8th day of Pesach are the perfect time to focus on Geula and what you want for your personal Geula. What would you consider to be a personal Geula? If you could be anything, if Hashem could grant you redemption right now, what would you want?
That amazing Lexus your neighbour has? A kosher luxury trip to Greece? (Ok who wouldn’t?)

Or a higher soul pleasure – to love all people? To be rid of anger? To forgive everyone and live in a state of positivity and well-being always? To be free from pain? From loneliness? From depression?

Believe it can be.
Believe it can be now.

During both Purim and Pesach we see that truly everything in the world is completely controlled and run by the One Above. In Purim, we see it only in hindsight, we understand that all of our suffering at the end is truly just for our own personal good of teshuva. Because suffering can activate our will to be our best selves. To climb to higher levels. To not settle for lowliness, disconnection and mediocrity. While Pesach, we experience Hashem’s guiding hand tangibly and in the moment, controlling all of reality to the extent that we almost lose our free will to do anything else except follow His will. The higher level is of course Purim, when we choose the relationship. When we build the connection and Beit HaMikdash ground up. That’s why when Mashiach comes we will still experience the holiday of Purim, but not Pesach. Each is connected to the Geula, but in its own unique way.

This is your chance to have us pray for you with all of our hearts at the place where that Geula will be revealed for this amazing 40 day period of Purim through Pesach, beginning March 19th, just 2 weeks away!!!

Pray for me from Purim through Pesach!

With blessings for healing, happiness, health and prosperity,

Batya Burd-Oved and the WWP Family

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