Welcome to our new blog! We hope through this blog to keep you informed of what’s happening in the Old City and at the Wall and also to create more of a community. We want you to know what is happening in the lives of our prayer agents and see just what a difference your donations are making in the personal and communal lives of the Torah community here. We can all have a share in the building of the palace of the King.


One response to “Welcome to our new community blog!”

  1. Karyn Bogart says:

    …this Jerusalem Blog is wonderful …what an excellent idea ….as I scrolled my way down,
    catching what is written & absorbing the magnificent photos, I could feel the energy of Israel,
    the place that I love more than any other …As I struggle to make it through every day in New
    York City, the loneliness and the isolation, …I can now go to this Blog and at least for a minute
    feel a connection ….

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