We ask that you parallel our 40-day prayer at the Wall, with a 40-day prayer of your own, wherever you are. We will email you the exact prayer upon sign-up. Not only does it increase the strength of our prayers, but it brings you closer to the Almighty, which is ultimately the purpose of any lack we have.

We also recommend that you take on a small Torah-commandment (mitzva) to strengthen the power of the prayer. For instance; in the areas of kosher, shabbat, family purity, respecting parents or acts of kindness. If you are not Jewish, we suggest that you take on something small in the area of the 7 Noahide Laws (the laws that were given to Noah after the flood). We will be emailing you with some suggestions, along with your exact prayer, a few days after signing up. This is optional, but every merit that we can add to the prayer helps increase its strength.

Pictures of the person we are praying for are helpful (especially happy ones). Please only send digital photos to shira@westernwallprayers.org. Regular mail to Israel takes too long and we would like to start the prayers as soon as possible.

May the Almighty provide your family with everything you need.