We wanted to let you know that once again, some volunteers will be davening at the kevarim of the Shlah, Rashbi (Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai) and Amuka (famous for marriage prayers) high up in the hills of Safed, on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, June 6th.

As you may already know, Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan is a powerful time to pray to bear good children who are successful in their Torah education and in life, but you can pray for anything and pass this gift onto your friends as well. But, because of the volume involved, we can receive up to 2 requests. Just click here to submit.

Also, something very exciting – Judaica Press has published a book about “The Secret Life of Gershon Burd”, and it is available in your local book store as of June 7. I pray it will inspire many to up their avodas Hashem. My late husband did not come from a long rabbinical dynasty, he was a regular nice guy who played high school football – but he had a dream – to do the right thing and come closer to G-d….

We will be accepting requests for your prayer gift until Friday, June 3rd.

With blessings for happiness, health, and abundance in ruchniyut and gashmiyut,


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