4 responses to “Encounter at the Kotel”

  1. Devorah Stieglitz says:

    wow. unbelievable..He touched so many lives. unreal.

  2. Sara Yoheved Rigler says:

    Reb Gershon was winking at you from the Next World, Batya. He was consoling you by prompting you to talk to this beggar woman, so that you would end up consoling HER, which brought you consolation. He will appear to you in such ways again and again.

  3. Julie says:

    Nice to hear your voice! Checking your blog every day — thank you for sharing your thoughts during this difficult time!

  4. moshe knobel says:

    סיפור מדהים ממש מחזק אותי
    תודדה רבה ששיתפת אותנו

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